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PostHeaderIcon Exchange – EventID 2002

We started getting reports that some people were not getting their email on their mobile devices.  I did some checking and this appeared only effect mailboxes that were in databases on a specific server.  While troubleshooting this problem I saw some event id 2002 messages that read:

“[Eas] The number of outstanding proxy requests for mailbox server <server name> has exceeded the max limit 5000.  Current request will be rejected.”

My first thought was we had a mobile device that had a hung connection somewhere and I would just restart the server.  I did that and it seemed to resolve the problem for a few days.  Then I started getting calls that the problem was occurring again.  Restarting the server wasn’t going to be a valid option every time.  I started doing some searches and came across an article that suggested looking at the MSExchangeSyncAppPool.  Here you are able to see the proxy connections and what user and device has a large number of open connections.

To find the MSExchangeSyncAppPool do the following:

  1. Start IIS Manager on your CAS Server.
  2. Click the on the Server Name in the left pane.
  3. In the middle pane, double click Worker Process.
  4. Then double-click the MSExchangeSyncAppPool.
  5. Once the window populates (may take some time) you can expand the URL column to see the username and the device.

Once we identified the user having the problem, we removed the Exchange account from the device Recycled the MSExchangeSyncAppPool through IIS Manager, verified the problem was resolved, then re-added the Exchange mailbox to the mobile device.


Hope this helps someone else in the future.


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