Summary: was set up by me (Eric) several years ago.  Most of the time the site has sat empty or was used for some test designs that I was kicking around.  I never really knew what I wanted to do with the site until recently.  I finally decided that I needed a place that I could post things about projects I was working on at work or other technology related items I came accross while I was browsing the web. became that place for me.  For the most part the information on here will be used by myself, but I will try to provide enough information that it can be used by others.

About Eric:

I’ve been working in the computer industry since my Senior year in high school.  I started out working for a small 3 person consulting company.  Because of the program that I was involved in school I was able to actually go work for this company during the school day.  It was a great experience and helped me build a solid fondation that I’m still building on.  Another great thing about this was I was able to get paid and still get school credit.  I highly recommend that if you have this kind of oppurtunity that you jump on it (no matter what the industry is)!

After spending about a year working for that company, I went back and worked for the school that I attended as their Technology Assistant.  This job was the first time that I really got to work on my own and figure out how to troubleshoot issues and get things fixed.  This helped build my confidence and knowledge in a wide area of technology related tasks.  I spent a total of one year at this school before I moved on to my current job.

I currently work for a state agency as one of their Network Engineers.  I’ve had this possitions since July of 1998 and have worked in a few different roles.  I started out doing mostly desktop support and have continued to gain responsibility.  In addition to some desktop support, I now spend most of my time working on our network, security, and email servers.

Through the years I’ve had the oppurtunity to do many tasks from pulling cable to managing a medium sized network environment and everything in between.  Check out the list below for more details.

Things I’ve worked with:

  • Windows 3.1 – Windows 10
  • Windows NT 4 Server – Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Novell 4.1 – 5.1
  • GroupWise 5.2 – 5.5
  • Exchange 2000 – 2013
  • Cisco routers and switches
  • Cisco Pix and ASA
  • Cisco VoIP solution (versions 4.x, 7.x, 9.x)
  • Cisco Wireless
  • Barracuda Spam Firewall
  • Linux (Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Mint)
  • Nagios XI
  • Office 97 – 2016
  • WordPerfect 6.x – x7
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.x and 5.x
  • Multiple cell phones (BlackBerry, WM, Android, and iPhone)
  • HP EVA 6000 and 6400
  • NetApp SAN
  • VMware vSphere 4.1 – 6.0
  • Websense

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