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PostHeaderIcon Windows Server 2016 – Automatic Startup Repair Loop After Updates

So I’m not completely sure this problem is related to Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft Updates or if it is still a hardware problem.  However, I’ve been running Windows Server 2016 on a computer for several months and have been happy with.  I don’t do a lot with this PC.  It’s main role is just to store files rather than keeping everything on one computer.  Anyway, it had been a bit since I applied updates so I was doing that yesterday and everything seemed normal.  The updates were downloaded, installed, and I was asked to reboot.  That is when the problem started.  The computer would only boot into the Automatic Repair options.  I could not get it to boot to the OS.  I was a little concerned about that data, but figured it should be safe since it is stored on two additional drives in the computer.  However, I still wanted to get the computer back up and running.

I did some searching and came across the site linked below.  I followed the steps by booting off of the Windows Server 2016 USB drive I had.  Then followed the steps to open a command prompt and run a few commands.  The first few commands didn’t resolve anything, but the last one about restoring the registry did get the computer to boot again.  So far I’ve noticed two problems.  The first problem is the trust relationship between the computer and the domain was broken.  That was easily fixed by putting the computer back into a workgroup, restarting, and joining the domain again.  The second problem is I’m now unable to run Microsoft Updates.  I’ll be looking into that soon.  Hopefully it is as easy as resetting the updates.

Just be on the look out.


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