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PostHeaderIcon Google Chrome – Disable Flash

So at work we have a couple of Ubuntu 14.04 computers that are setup in kiosk mode (setup process here) that are available for the public to use.  We have them locked down so they can only access a handful of sites.  On our web site you are able to watch live stream or archive videos of meetings.  After doing some updates on the Ubuntu computers we noticed we couldn’t play those videos any more.  We were getting a flash download error message.  We currently use JWPlayer 7.x which is embedded in our site to play the videos.

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PostHeaderIcon Create a test file of a certain size

There have time that we want to test file transfer speeds across our network.  The problem is we need to use a known file size to make sure we can use the same size data in each test.

On Linux and Mac systems you can use the following commands:

300MB file (random data):  dd if=/dev/urandom of=300mb.log bs=1024 count=307200
300MB file (zero data):  dd if=/dev/zero of=300mb.log bs=1024 count=307200

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PostHeaderIcon Ubuntu Chrome Kiosk Setup

So at work we have a couple of computer setup in a public area that can be used to access our web site.  In the past we have used Windows XP and locked them down.  However, with support for XP coming to an end we needed to come up with another solution.  I wanted to branch out a bit (at least for me) and come up with a kiosk setup that used a Linux distro .  I came across  some really good options, but one of the requirements was that the browser should be Google Chrome.  Most of the sites I came across used FireFox as the browser.  I spent a few weeks searching and testing and finally came up with a working solution that uses Ubuntu 14.0.4LTS Desktop (x64), Openbox, and Google Chrome.  I used information from the web sites listed below to come up with this working kiosk.

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