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PostHeaderIcon Google Chrome – Disable Flash

So at work we have a couple of Ubuntu 14.04 computers that are setup in kiosk mode (setup process here) that are available for the public to use.  We have them locked down so they can only access a handful of sites.  On our web site you are able to watch live stream or archive videos of meetings.  After doing some updates on the Ubuntu computers we noticed we couldn’t play those videos any more.  We were getting a flash download error message.  We currently use JWPlayer 7.x which is embedded in our site to play the videos.

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PostHeaderIcon Windows Server 2016 – Automatic Startup Repair Loop After Updates

So I’m not completely sure this problem is related to Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft Updates or if it is still a hardware problem.  However, I’ve been running Windows Server 2016 on a computer for several months and have been happy with.  I don’t do a lot with this PC.  It’s main role is just to store files rather than keeping everything on one computer.  Anyway, it had been a bit since I applied updates so I was doing that yesterday and everything seemed normal.  The updates were downloaded, installed, and I was asked to reboot.  That is when the problem started.  The computer would only boot into the Automatic Repair options.  I could not get it to boot to the OS.  I was a little concerned about that data, but figured it should be safe since it is stored on two additional drives in the computer.  However, I still wanted to get the computer back up and running.

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PostHeaderIcon Password Reset using OWA

We require our users to change their password periodically like most organizations.  I’m also sure like other organizations, our users typically ignore the warnings when logging in until they are no longer able to login.  As an added awareness, we have scripts that run daily and send emails to users who’s passwords are getting ready to expire.  That email contains the steps to use OWA to reset their passwords in the event someone is out of the office when this process begins.  However, we still had staff that waited until their passwords expired and then they had to call in to get it reset.

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PostHeaderIcon SQL SPNs and Authentication

Our SQL DBA was in the process of setting up a new SQL server and was having problem authenticating using his domain account.  He was able to login using the SA account though.  Everything he saw was pointing towards it being a problem with the SPNs for the new server.  We looked at the other 3 servers we had and noticed that there were two extra SPN entries for the new server.  We used the following commands to remove the SPN entries and then AD authentication worked.

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PostHeaderIcon Windows 7 – Checking for updates hangs

It is rare that I install Windows 7 any more, but I had to do that today.  I started with a clean install of Windows 7 SP1.  When I got to the point I wanted to install Windows updates I started it and let it run.  It hung at the “Checking for Updates” screen.  Apparently, there are two updates you can install to help speed up the process.

For x86:

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PostHeaderIcon Cisco 4431 – Debug Voice Commands

Here are some commands to debug voice calls on Cisco 4431 routers.

show logging
clear logging
debug voip ccapi inout
debug isdn q931
!! place test call
undebug all
show logging

Check for active phone calls going through a voice gateway.

show isdn status

show voice call status

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PostHeaderIcon Domain Account Lock Out

We had an instance where a user changed positions and because of that change his group membership changed.  When his group membership changed he started getting messages about his account being locked out when trying to logon to the system.  We would unlock his account, but within a few minutes it would lock again.  We searched the Event Logs on our Domain Controllers and were able to identify the computer that was causing problems.  If the computer was turned off he didn’t have this problem, but as soon as the computer was turned on the account would start locking.

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PostHeaderIcon Exchange 2013 OWA – Blank Calendar

So I did some updates on our Exchange 2013 servers last week, and then started getting some complaints that people couldn’t see there calendar when the logged into OWA.  Once you logged into OWA and clicked the Calendar, it would load a blank calendar and not have any appointments showing (you also couldn’t see the calendar list on the left side).  If you tried to create a new appointment you ended up with just a grey box.

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PostHeaderIcon Exchange 2013 ECP login – 500 error

We have an Exchange admin that when he attempted to login to ECP he would get a 500 error. The simple solution was to add a mailbox to his domain admin account. Once that was done he was able to login to ECP just fine.

From reading the article belew, this might be an indication of a problem with the SystemMailbox as well.

Source: TechNet Blog

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PostHeaderIcon Install NRPE on Linux

1. Go to:
2. Download the latest linux nrpe agent.
3. Extract the agent using: tar xzvf linux-nrpe-agent.tar.gz
4. CD to linux-nrpe-agent
5. Type: ./fullinstall
6. Provide the IP address of your Nagios server.
7. Add the server to Nagios.

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